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Divine anthurium

Exotic bouquet composed of 3 green anthuriums will impress with its heart shaped bracts and will make the recipient's heart sing.

42 € Buy online flower Divine anthurium

Mix of anthuriums, minigerberas and chrysanthemums

Unusual floral arrangement dominated by anthuriums, minigerberas and chrysanthemums creates fresh and original impression. The bouquet is suitable as a gift for various occasions or just as a way to say: Have a nice day.

32 € Buy online flower Mix of anthuriums, minigerberas and chrysanthemums

Funeral bouquet of anthuriums

Funeral bouquet of anthuriums. Suitable as farewell or commemorative bouquet. The inscription on the ribbon according to the customer's wishes or a mourning ribbon with no inscription.

59 € Buy online flower Funeral bouquet of anthuriums

Exceptional green anthuriums

Perfect bouquet for men, this bouquet will most certainly please every woman as well. Long-life anthurium flowers combined with various decorative leaves create elegant impression and show respect to the recipient of the bouquet.

42 € Buy online flower Exceptional green anthuriums

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