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Pink gerberas bouquet

Bouquet of 9 pink gerberas is the perfect present to please mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law and other close ones.

44 € Buy online flower Pink gerberas bouquet

Arrangement of 9 orange roses

Bouquet of 9 tall orange roses is a perfect present for important life occasions.

38 € Buy online flower Arrangement of 9 orange roses

Spring caress of tulips, freesias and chrysanthemums

White freesias combined with orange tulips and yellow chrysanthemums create an airy and joyful floral arrangement. Tulips might be replaced with a different kind of flowers (p.e. minigerberas) since they are not available all year round.

44 € Buy online flower Spring caress of tulips, freesias and chrysanthemums

Modern charm

Charming variation of callas, chrysanthemums, leucadendron, ruscus and aralia is a perfect way to express the feelings of respect.

39 € Buy online flower Modern charm

Divine anthurium

Exotic bouquet composed of 3 green anthuriums will impress with its heart shaped bracts and will make the recipient's heart sing.

36 € Buy online flower Divine anthurium

Pink mix

A beautiful combination of gerberas, roses and alstroemerias. The bouquet creates noble and serious impression, showing respect for the recipient. It will please every woman, it is also suitable as a simple wedding bouquet.

46 € Buy online flower Pink mix

Bouquet of gerberas

Merry bouquet of gerberas (19 minigerberas of different colors) will please every woman.

48 € Buy online flower Bouquet of gerberas

Varied bouquet

Simple and elegant Biedermaier based on pink roses.

49 € Buy online flower Varied bouquet

Bouquet of roses

Beautiful bouquet of white and pink roses.

44 € Buy online flower Bouquet of roses

Sweet kiss of roses

Delicate arrangement of 7 pink roses will make a perfect 'little something' for your loved one. It is a lovely present for St. Valentine's Day or just a way to express your feelings.

43 € Buy online flower Sweet kiss of roses

Mona Lisa

Round floral arrangement composed of 5 roses and 4 chrysanthemums will make the day brighter both for you and the donee.

40 € Buy online flower Mona Lisa

Rose and gerbera connection

Hot combination of 3 red roses and 4 yellow gerberas will make a magnificent impression on the recipient of the bouquet.

36 € Buy online flower Rose and gerbera connection

Exceptional green anthuriums

Perfect bouquet for men, this bouquet will most certainly please every woman as well. Long-life anthurium flowers combined with various decorative leaves create elegant impression and show respect to the recipient of the bouquet.

38 € Buy online flower Exceptional green anthuriums

Bouquet of orange gerberas

Orange and white combination of gerberas and chrysanthemums complemented by gypsophila creates a soft impression.

36 € Buy online flower Bouquet of orange gerberas

Bouquet of yellow gerberas

Beautiful bouquet that creates soft impression is composed of yellow gerberas and roses completed with palm leaves.

38 € Buy online flower Bouquet of yellow gerberas

Bouquet of gerberas

Colorful and very cheerful bouquet of gerberas (17 minigerberas).

44 € Buy online flower Bouquet of gerberas

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