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For man

Passionate idea

One-sidedly tied bouquet composed of orange lily, yellow gerberas, hypericum and ruscus is a remarkable experience for lovers of exceptional variations.

32 € Buy online flower Passionate idea

Divine anthurium

Exotic bouquet composed of 3 green anthuriums will impress with its heart shaped bracts and will make the recipient's heart sing.

42 € Buy online flower Divine anthurium

Mix of anthuriums, minigerberas and chrysanthemums

Unusual floral arrangement dominated by anthuriums, minigerberas and chrysanthemums creates fresh and original impression. The bouquet is suitable as a gift for various occasions or just as a way to say: Have a nice day.

32 € Buy online flower Mix of anthuriums, minigerberas and chrysanthemums

Flower basket - ALL THE BEST

Gift basket with a bottle of wine is a perfect gift especially for men. The basket combines two often donated presents - flowers and a bottle of wine...

65 € Buy online flower Flower basket - ALL THE BEST

Exceptional green anthuriums

Perfect bouquet for men, this bouquet will most certainly please every woman as well. Long-life anthurium flowers combined with various decorative leaves create elegant impression and show respect to the recipient of the bouquet.

42 € Buy online flower Exceptional green anthuriums

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