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Pink gerberas bouquet

Bouquet of 9 pink gerberas is the perfect present to please mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law and other close ones.

44 € Buy online flower Pink gerberas bouquet

Pastel variation

Floral arrangement of lilies, roses and gerberas will make a lovely present for girls and women on various occasions.

57 € Buy online flower Pastel variation

Orange express of minigerberas

Round bouquet of 7 orange minigerberas complemented by asparagus fern, limonium and aralias.

28 € Buy online flower Orange express of minigerberas

Passionate idea

One-sidedly tied bouquet composed of orange lily, yellow gerberas, hypericum and ruscus is a remarkable experience for lovers of exceptional variations.

32 € Buy online flower Passionate idea

Modern charm

Charming variation of callas, chrysanthemums, leucadendron, ruscus and aralia is a perfect way to express the feelings of respect.

45 € Buy online flower Modern charm

Pink mix

A beautiful combination of gerberas, roses and alstroemerias. The bouquet creates noble and serious impression, showing respect for the recipient. It will please every woman, it is also suitable as a simple wedding bouquet.

49 € Buy online flower Pink mix

Bouquet of gerberas

Merry bouquet of gerberas (19 minigerberas of different colors) will please every woman.

48 € Buy online flower Bouquet of gerberas

Heart of gerberas and minigerberas

Heart of gerberas and minigerberas does not have to be intended just for lovers.

60 € Buy online flower Heart of gerberas and minigerberas

Bouquet of yellow gerberas

Beautiful bouquet that creates soft impression is composed of yellow gerberas and roses completed with palm leaves.

38 € Buy online flower Bouquet of yellow gerberas

Pink amusement

Express your friendship and respect by this Pink amusement composed of minigerberas and alstroemerias.

34 € Buy online flower Pink amusement

Shining light

Magic variation of lilies, gerberas and alstroemerias will please especially the fans of optimistic pastel colors.

34 € Buy online flower Shining light

Rose and gerbera connection

Hot combination of 3 red roses and 4 yellow gerberas will make a magnificent impression on the recipient of the bouquet.

39 € Buy online flower Rose and gerbera connection

Angelic glow

Yellow gerberas wonderfully complemented with purple freesias create lovely and calming impression. After giving this beautiful bouquet you are most likely to hear the words of praise for a good choice.

32 € Buy online flower Angelic glow

Unity of gerberas and freesia

Treat your loved ones with this fine bouquet of distinctive orange gerberas, yellow freesias and chrysanthemums santini.

39 € Buy online flower Unity of gerberas and freesia

Bouquet of gerberas

Colorful and very cheerful bouquet of gerberas (17 minigerberas).

44 € Buy online flower Bouquet of gerberas

Pink queen

This pretty pink arrangement was created to be the ice breaker between people, to bring them closer and deepened their feelings.

46 € Buy online flower Pink queen

Funeral arrangement

This funeral bouquet with flowers based in arranging material are increasingly being used instead of funeral flowers or wreaths. This type of arrangement is becoming more and more popular.

82 € Buy online flower Funeral arrangement

Combination of yellow gerberas and chrysanthemums

Beautiful and elegant bouquet. Yellow and green color create calming and relaxing feel. This bouquet will please every woman of any age.

48 € Buy online flower Combination of yellow gerberas and chrysanthemums

Bouquet of orange gerberas

Orange and white combination of gerberas and chrysanthemums complemented by gypsophila creates a soft impression.

36 € Buy online flower Bouquet of orange gerberas

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