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International Women's Day

Carnation classics

Round bouquet of white and pink carnations is the traditional floral arrangements that will delight especially the lovers of traditional Czech flowers.

28 € Buy online flower Carnation classics

Basket of carnations

Beautiful basket of red carnations is perfect gift for carnations lovers or for the opportunity of International Women's Day. Original way to give carnations. Suitable for occasions without a vase.

32 € Buy online flower Basket of carnations

Bouquet of minicarnations

Separate minicarnations, plain, simple, elegant and beautiful. This style will delight all lovers of carnations and simplicity.

30 € Buy online flower Bouquet of minicarnations

Heart of carnations

Giving a heart of carnations is a fresh way to tell a woman (especially on International Women's Day or on the day of St. Valentine) that you love her and that you appreciate her job, care for family and you will express your admiration and support.

68 € Buy online flower Heart of carnations

Beautiful roses

Beautiful roses of different colors tied into one bouquet will please all lovers of these flowers.

68 € Buy online flower Beautiful roses

Roses for name day

This bouquet is ideal as roses for name day.

65 € Buy online flower Roses for name day

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