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Wedding bouquet of orchids

Bridal bouquet of orchids is round bound as biedermeier with a slight overhang. Suitable for every bride. It is elegant and noble, representing one of the original wedding bouquets.

69 € Buy online flower Wedding bouquet of orchids

Funeral bouquet of orchids

Funeral bouquet of white orchids is a suitable funeral arrangement to say goodbye to a loved, close, respectful person. The arrangement is also available in different colors - purple, pink, green.

59 € Buy online flower Funeral bouquet of orchids

Flower basket of orchids

Long-lasting arrangement in a basket. Beautiful orchids set in arranging material in a basket. Just keep filling up the water, there is no need for vase. This arrangement will most certainly will please every woman, it is also a beautiful decoration for offices, hotels, restaurants.

60 € Buy online flower Flower basket of orchids

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