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Pink gerberas bouquet

Bouquet of 9 pink gerberas is the perfect present to please mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law and other close ones.

44 € Buy online flower Pink gerberas bouquet

Love story of roses

Floral arrangement round bound of 15 striped roses will amaze every woman.

60 € Buy online flower Love story of roses

Carnation classics

Round bouquet of white and pink carnations is the traditional floral arrangements that will delight especially the lovers of traditional Czech flowers.

28 € Buy online flower Carnation classics

Sweet kiss of roses

Delicate arrangement of 7 pink roses will make a perfect 'little something' for your loved one. It is a lovely present for St. Valentine's Day or just a way to express your feelings.

43 € Buy online flower Sweet kiss of roses

Mona Lisa

Round floral arrangement composed of 5 roses and 4 chrysanthemums will make the day brighter both for you and the donee.

40 € Buy online flower Mona Lisa

Pink amusement

Express your friendship and respect by this Pink amusement composed of minigerberas and alstroemerias.

28 € Buy online flower Pink amusement

Pink mix

A beautiful combination of gerberas, roses and alstroemerias. The bouquet creates noble and serious impression, showing respect for the recipient. It will please every woman, it is also suitable as a simple wedding bouquet.

46 € Buy online flower Pink mix

Funeral cross

Mix of flowers set in arranging material in the shape of a cross. The arrangement can be used to say goodbye or as a memorial gift. It is available also in other colors.

144 € Buy online flower Funeral cross

Pink funeral wreath

Combination of roses and viburnum flowers creates soft impression, it is suitable for saying goodbye to woman, girl, mother, lady.

100 € Buy online flower Pink funeral wreath

Bouquet of pink roses

The queen of the flowers, pink rose is a symbol of tenderness, charm and grandeur at the same time. Give this floral arrangement to a person you care about the most.

64 € Buy online flower Bouquet of pink roses

Pink queen

This pretty pink arrangement was created to be the ice breaker between people, to bring them closer and deepened their feelings.

46 € Buy online flower Pink queen

Wedding biedermeier of pink roses

Beautiful, classic, very popular bridal bouquet of roses. It will delight all romantic brides. Biedermeier from 11 pink and white roses makes elegant and youthful impression. The bouquet is also available in different colors.

49 € Buy online flower Wedding biedermeier of pink roses

Funeral arrangement

This funeral bouquet with flowers based in arranging material are increasingly being used instead of funeral flowers or wreaths. This type of arrangement is becoming more and more popular.

82 € Buy online flower Funeral arrangement

Heart of carnations

Giving a heart of carnations is a fresh way to tell a woman (especially on International Women's Day or on the day of St. Valentine) that you love her and that you appreciate her job, care for family and you will express your admiration and support.

68 € Buy online flower Heart of carnations

Pink roses

Interesting and beautiful arrangement of pink roses and alstroemerias.

48 € Buy online flower Pink roses

Bouquet of lilies and roses

Delicate combination of pink lilies and pink roses makes gentle and sweet impression.

56 € Buy online flower Bouquet of lilies and roses

Varied bouquet

Simple and elegant Biedermaier based on pink roses.

49 € Buy online flower Varied bouquet

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